Barclays MWR

A new way of working at Barclays MWR
MWR On October 21, 2009, the investment company under the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) announced the establishment of the Barclays MWR project in the United Kingdom, open to residents of all EU countries
On February 1, 2021,

Barclays Bank reduced its stake in Barclays Africa Group (BAG) (BGAJ.J) and cashed out 22 billion pounds (2.83 billion US dollars). After Barclays MWR completes the target stock sale. Africa’s shareholding ratio fell to 14.9%. And invested 4.32 billion US dollars to introduce Barclays MWR into the Asian market.
In April 2021, COVID-19 broke out again in India. As an important world economy with a population of more than 1 billion,

the investment company under the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and the Indian government urgently discussed the introduction of MWR into India to help people work from home and promote India’s economic development.
On May 3, 2021,

On September 28, 2021, Barclays MWR Global Headquarters has publicly submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) an initial public offering-related S-1 registration statement to issue its Class A common stock and is a member of Barclays MWR China Sells the company’s original shares, and implements the concept of “employees are shareholders and everyone is a sharer”, so that every employee has the opportunity to become a multi-millionaire.

Barclays MWR began trial operation in India. During the trial operation, Barclays MWR was very successful. The senior management of Barclays MWR headquarters decided to officially start operations on May 21, 2021. They are now recruiting personnel from all over India to use MWR to complete orders to make money. Hope that Barclays MWR can help all families in Indi