My Story With Barclays

“Dear friends, MY name is Ruchika Gupta, I live in New Delhi, India. I am currently a full-time mother. My son just started primary school last year, so I spend a lot of time at home.

“I was always at home preparing food for my family and taking care of my family and children. In my spare time, I also use different part-time software on my mobile phone to make money and supplement my family expenses. Here I would like to share my story with you!

“I studied business administration in college. After graduation, I worked for a year and met my husband, who currently works as an elementary school teacher and earns a regular monthly salary. I am a person who pays more attention to family, supporting parents is our obligation to do children! My parents support me for 20 years, we will give some money to our parents every month. Later I found that my husband’s salary was far from enough to cover all the expenses of our family. Therefore, I browse some news about making money online through Google, Youtube and Facebook.

“Before, I also encountered some projects that could MWR make money quickly, such as browsing advertisements and watching videos, but the money earned by these projects was very small and the cycle was long. It wasn’t until May of this year that my friend Himani recommended a piece of software called MWR

Now my team has 138 people, I can earn close to rs 150,000 per month from Barclays MWR, and my team mates can earn at least Rs 60,000 per month, which makes us all happy. If you miss a meal, we can date, Miss a person, maybe a lifetime, Miss an opportunity, perhaps is another kind of life! If you miss an opportunity to save money and make money, you may have to wait a long time!